Trans Relationships Booklet Draft

Be part of creating this great resource for our communities!

You may notice spelling or formatting issues, ‘placeholder’ images and duplicate images, or that the pages have no numbers! Yep we’ll fix those, don’t worry about that sort of thing. We want you to look at it and think about what’s not there…

We want your help to see what’s missing, and to fill those gaps

For example, mental health. Some folks are working on mental health info.

We want to add your stories about things going right, about how you worked out a problem in a relationship, about a type of relationship that works well for you, about how your whanau supported you, about seeking support or doing it yourself.

We also want your stories about things being hard or going wrong, and what you did to survive or to feel ok or to build yourself a safe space or to get out of danger. How have you processed trauma? How have you managed tricky situations? Even stories with no happy ending are ok too.

Please send your stories, poetry, art work, or photos of you and the people you care about (with their permission). This resource is for all of us, so please get involved if you have time.

Part 1.


Part 2.