Transgender NZ Issue 1. (Spring 2017) Hormone Replacement Therapy is New Zealand’s best guide for minority gender people who want to start on hormones. It is widely read by both trans people and their health care providers, and it’s online page alone has been viewed over 300 times so far this month. We have received glowing feedback from GPs and sexual health providers, amongst others. You can read Issue 1. by clicking here.

Transgender NZ Issue 2. (Summer 2017 – 2018) Sex and Relationships is coming out soon! It is shaping up to be an amazing resource, touching on issues like respect, communication, common scenarios, consent, abuse, support, safety, autonomy, and how to tell if you’ve got yourself a keeper!

We also want to include your stories.
We want your love letters, your poetry, your song lyrics, your art. We want to share your heartaches, your strategies for dealing with difficult or abusive situations, your jokes, your korero on love or sex or hooking up…  tell us about polyamory, monogamy, kink, asexual relationships, lifelong partners and one night stands, sex work, threesomes, relationships and disability, or being a parent. Send us your drawings, your photos, that print you made.

We can’t promise we will publish your contribution, but if we can we will.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far!

Pseudonyms are welcome – we will change any names (unless you ask specifically for us not to). We will not change pronouns, ages, ethnicities, places, etc. If your writing needs editing we will talk with you about how you can improve it.
Please send submissions to