Health Pathways

What is a health pathway?

‘Health Pathway’ is a generic term referring to the pathway from first contact with a health care provider – usually your GP – through the health care system to meet your medical needs.

For takataapui, transgender, and intersex people whose health needs may include hormone replacement therapy, affirmation or transition related surgeries, and other treatments, the pathways are often unclear – even to health care providers. This is not good enough.

Patients want better and need to access health care. Providers want better and need a framework for safe service provision.

In some regions of Aotearoa, health pathways are being developed by cross sector working groups – these may include District Health Boards, Endocrinology, General Practitioners, Mental Health, Student Health, Youth Services, Specialist Services,  Transgender Takataapui and Intersex Community Leaders, and other experts.

Auckland Regional HealthPathways

Auckland Regional HealthPathways is an online information portal for primary care clinicians in the Auckland region. It is designed to support GPs and other primary health care providers, setting out a step by step pathway, so there can be consistency across different practices.

The Gender Diversity and Transgender Health Pathway has now been launched. This pathway provides clinical direction for gender affirming health care, for people of all ages.

It includes information on gender diversity, sensitivity with gender minority patients, running tests, prescribing hormones, putting supports in place.

The Auckland Regional HealthPathways portal can be accessed by health care providers within the Auckland region. If you are a health care provider in the Auckland region, you can register for Auckland Regional HealthPathways by clicking here.

There is also a PDF version of the HealthPathway which is approved for general distribution. Click here to download the Gender Diverse and Transgender Health Pathways PDF

Also check out the great new Northern Region Transgender Health Services page by clicking here. This has lots of information specific to the process in the Auckland Region.

What about the rest of the country?

You now have some great tools to advocate for your health care. Print the PDF, along with a copy of Transgender NZ Issue 1. Hormone Replacement Therapy, and take these to your GP, so they can see step by step how to support you.


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