Informed Consent and Hormone Replacement Therapy

Transgender NZ Issue 1. Hormone Replacement Therapy – Gender Minorities Aotearoa

Health Pathways in NZ – Gender Minorities Aotearoa

Gender Diverse and Transgender Health Pathways PDF – Auckland Regional HealthPathways

Health care providers in Auckland can register for Auckland Regional HealthPathways by clicking here

Sex and Gender Diverse People Referral Process to Endocrinology Services – Wellington, Hutt Valley, and Wairarapa

MTF Informed Consent Form for HRT

Consent Form For Starting Masculinising Hormone Therapy – Northern Region Transgender Health Services

Consent Form For Starting Feminising Hormone Therapy- Northern Region Transgender Health Services

Callen Lorde Community Health Centre: Transgender Health

Indiana Transgender Network: Informed Consent in Trans Health Care

Stepping Forward – Informed Consent Clinics (USA)

ICATH: informed consent for access to trans health

Reproductive Options for Trans People

Initiating hormone therapy: guidelines for healthcare providers

Weight and health (PDF)

Informed Consent in Decision-Making in Pediatric Practice

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