Gloria Fraser is conducting amazing and solid research into the experiences of queer and trans people accessing mental health services.

Her research was developed collaboratively with Gender Minorities Aotearoa and consulted on widely across trans community workers, organisations, and other experts. We completely endorse this research, and invite you to come along and hear all about it.

Wednesday 4th October 2017
10am till noon
EA527, fifth floor, Easterfield Building
Victoria University of Wellington, Kelburn Parade, Wellington


See the related post for recruitment of participants by clicking here.

[image: a Text based poster.
Top of the page has the victoria university of wellington te whare wananga o te upoko o te ika a maui logo. Poster reads:
The school of psychology colloquium series 2017. Gloria Fraser. VUW Ph.D. candidate. Will speak on queer and trans experiences of accessing mental health support. date wednesday 4th october 2017, time 10am till noon, venue EA527, fifth floor, Easterfield building.

Although a a substantial body of literature documents the high rates of menta health problems among queer and trans young adults, very few studies examine the experiences of queer and trans new zealanders who access mental health support.

This research aims to extend current understandings in the hope that this will inform training for the culturally responsive care of rainbow community members.

Study 1 will be a qualitative study of the experiences of queer and trans new zealanders who have accessed mental health support.

Subsequent studies will be informed by the results of study 1, and are likely to include a qualtitative study of the needs and preferences of queer and trans new zealanders within mental health support settings, as well as the development of an accessible resource for use by mental health professionals.]