Takataapui – Over the Rainbow

Takataapui – Rainbow Maori

Takataapui is a Te Reo Maori term, which is often used to roughly mean ”rainbow person” or ”rainbow community”, in a similar way to LGBTQI+.

Some say it is specific to Maori, others use it for all LGBTQI+ people broadly.

Takataapui – No Simple Translation

Maori culture has traditionally included and celebrated people of all genders, and their relationships to people of any gender. Maori culture includes all Maori people.

Despite Aotearoa becoming a Brittish colony in 1840, and the resulting laws and value systems being hostile to takataapui both historically and today; tikanga Maori continues to awhi and embrace takataapui whanau.

At it’s core, takataapui is a Maori concept that sits within Maori culture, with it’s own history and wairua, one very different to terms such as LGBTQI+.

So, there is no direct English translation, but these are some whakaaro or ideas for thought.

Takataapui – Maori Genders

Takataapui is used more specifically for Maori genders, such as:

  • taahine – similar to mixed gender, sometimes non-binary, or transgender not-otherwise-specified
  • whakawahine – similar to trans woman
  • tangata ira tane – similar to trans man

Takataapui is often used as a gender of it’s self – Maori transgender not-otherwise-specified. Some also use takataapui to refer to non-Maori who are transgender and intersex.

Takataapui – Maori Attractions, Relationships, or Sexual Orientations

Takataapui is also used more specifically for Maori attractions or sexual orientations, along the lines of lesbian, bisexual, queer, gay, pansexual, etc. Some also use takataapui to refer to non-Maori who are lesbian, bisexual, queer, gay, pansexual, etc.

Find Out More About Takataapui

You can read more about takataapui, download some great resources, and order beautiful bound booklet Takataapui – Part of the Whanau, as well as other takataapui resources like Growing Up Takataapui, from Takatāpui | A Resource Hub.

You can also check out our Glossary here, and our database of resources here, and watch a few short clips about takataapui below.


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