Submissions on Trans Relationships

We are putting together a new resource about relationships, for takataapui, intersex, and trans people and their partners – the first of it’s kind in Aotearoa

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We have been working on the relationships book for over a year and had lots of great input from really wide range of people who are sex and gender minorities.

You are invited to contribute

If you are takataapui, intersex, or trans and you have a story about a particular  experience you have had, please share it with us. It could be long or short, it could be a happy story about good times, inspiring, loving, exciting. It could be a story about working out a problem, or even a story that’s awful or painful or hard to tell. Please share your experiences with us, so we can add them to the book.

You don’t need to be a great writer – spelling, grammar,  we can edit for clarity and to preserve your anonymity.

You can email your stories anonymously to us on, or you can send them by post to Gender Minorities Aotearoa, 128 Abel Smith street, Te Aro, Wellington 6011.

Huge thanks to everyone who has contributed so far!

* Note: Partner” means different things to different people, across generations and across cultures and classes. In this resource, we will use ”partner” to mean any person in a close, intimate, or sexual relationship. The relationship could be sexual, platonic, romantic, affectionate, caring, business, long term or short term. The people involved could be seeing each other exclusively, they could have a non-monogamous relationship, or another kind of arrangement.